Quickstage Scaffolding is the most frequently used scaffolding in the construction industry, and is a standard system scaffold with wedge fixing for the requirements of access scaffold. The wedge fixing of the ledgers and transoms gives a simple and fast method of constructing access scaffolding without any unattached or loose parts.

Quickstage scaffold can support any decking system in almost any job application; it is modular by design with very easy hook-on board platforms. Our Kwikstage system is extremely easy to dismantle and assemble, it is versatile in many different ways, and it is very dependable.

Gaining safe access to a building during construction is best done using our scaffolding.

Why Quickstage Scaffold Makes Life Easier, Faster & Safer:

  • Storage and transportation is simplified due to few basic units and no loose fittings
  • The system is designed to increase the speed of dismantling and erection
  • Design of connections provides high degree of rigidity to scaffold
  • Wide variety of accessories
  • Has a non-slip steel stage platform
  • Pre-determined double guard rail
  • Can simply fit to various layout and height
  • High load rating and high degree of rigidity
  • Can accommodate bigger area with few components

What makes us qualified to provide the best scaffolding to you?

  • We have the ability to customize scaffolding to your specifications.
  • You have the choice of either new scaffolding or used scaffolding.
  • Our unique buy-back option gives you an opportunity to put money back into your pocket.
  • We provide sound advice on affordable scaffolding and formwork products.
  • Our products easily meet the strict guidelines of the SABS.
  • We supply safety/ PEE- Equipment at competitive prices.
  • We thoroughly check the products to ensure that they are safe for use, before we supply them to our clients.
  • Our logistics division is associated to SFS Nationally. This means that we can deliver anywhere in Africa, terms and conditions apply.

Our team of qualified and experienced workers offer the most incisive solutions for various types of formwork requirements.

Don’t be let down (or fall) by your scaffolding! Contact the Quickstage scaffolding specialists for an obligation free quote.

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