Quickstage Scaffolding is the most frequently used scaffolding in the construction industry, and is a standard system scaffold with wedge fixing for the requirements of access scaffold. The wedge fixing of the ledgers and transoms gives a simple and fast method of constructing access scaffolding without any unattached or loose parts.


Formwork & Scaffolding are used in the construction industry for very particular purposes, the two have completely different requirements and uses. Formwork & Scaffolding are essential in the construction industry, as they can be used in various ways.

H Frame

H-Frames are light and versatile; these can be easily erected in a short time frame. In its dismantled stage, it is compact and easy to store and transport. Quicklock frames are ideally used in general maintenance around the house, house construction, painting contractors, electricians and other various small projects where a step ladder could be dangerous to use.


Scaffold For Sale – SFS (Pty) Ltd

Welcome to Scaffold for Sale! Your one-stop scaffolding equipment supplier. We specialize in quality scaffolding and formwork products manufactured to SABS specifications for a range of purposes, intents and project sizes. We have supplied scaffolding equipment for a number of successful projects across the African continent, including Senegal, DRC, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Zambia. Our buy-back option means that we effectively rent the scaffolding equipment to you. Should you only need your scaffolding for a once off job, you can sell it back to us on a pre-agreed contract basis. This option significantly reduces your total cost. Most of our secondhand scaffolding has only been used once or twice. We meticulously repair, oxide,  clean from rust and cement ALL our scaffolding equipment before we re-supply it to any client. This ensures that you receive a product in excellent condition. We are available to deliver across Africa. Terms and Conditions apply.
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