Formwork & Scaffolding are used in the construction industry for very particular purposes, the two have completely different requirements and uses. Formwork & Scaffolding are essential in the construction industry, as they can be used in various ways.

Formwork is used when construction teams need to mold wet concrete or hold it in place until it hardens to the desired shape, it needs to have the necessary strength and to be able to withstand a huge amount of weight. New and refurbished beams are available as well!

The advantages of using various formworks are numerous. Here are a few of them:

    • It can be used repeatedly.
    • It is easy to clean, in order to reuse.
    • Formwork is very easy to setup.
    • The structure is sturdy and precise.
    • Because they are to be used temporary, it is designed to be removed fairly easily too.
    • Our formwork is cost effective.
    • Your labour time is reduced, therefore saving you money.
    • Our formworks are durable.

You can trust that we are the reliable Formwork Company for the construction process of your project.

What makes us the experts?

    • Our Formwork is SABS approved and Safety/PPE- Equipment provided are at reasonable prices.
    • We customize according to your project requirements.
    • Our expert advice provides peace of mind and added value. We are able to deliver anywhere in Africa. Terms & Conditions apply.

We are committed to providing client service excellence. We do this by consistently providing safe equipment at reasonable prices. In addition, honesty and transparency forms part of our core values.

Why not “break the mould” with our Formwork? Contact the formwork experts for an obligation free quote.

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