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At Second hand Scaffolding we have a unique buy-back option on our scaffolding equipment. It is less complicated and much more affordable than rental.

The process is as follows:

You can purchase the second hand scaffolding from us, and use it for at least three months. When you are done using the scaffold, kindly give us a call. We will then make an arrangement with you to have a look at what you have left, and then we will make you an offer! From there you will be smiling all the way back to the bank.

What makes the Buy Back Option so great?:

    • Money back in YOUR pocket!
    • More affordable than hiring!
    • You are less pressed for time and money – with hiring the longer you use it the more you pay. With our buy-back the longer you use it the more money you save!
    • For larger orders – we are willing to sign a pre-buy-back agreement with you.

Eg. You buy the following second hand scaffolding from SFS in January 2015:

You can use the scaffold for up to 4 months. Thereafter you can contact us to buy back what is left. Luckily NONE of your scaffold was broken or stolen so you still have everything you bought from us.

We offer you 50% of the original purchase price. Which means you paid R32 625.00 for scaffold in Jan 15.

You used it for Projects that lasted 4 months, then you got half your money back by Selling it Back to SFS!

*Please note: The above transaction was for exemplary purposes only. The Prices used therein are made up.

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